One of my favorite things to make is needlebooks, which is shame, because I really don’t need the four I currently have, let alone more. They’re really just too cute though, I can’t resist.

I figured I’d share two of my old favorites, and one I’m working on right now.

They are cute right? The cross stitched one I made for my mom, and the little leaf I made for me. 😀 I loved doing the swirly embroidery on it.

Anyway, the one I’m currently making is a patchwork. I based it on nanacompany’s tutorial, but I didn’t actually bother to check the tutorial before starting, so mine is smaller I think.

The tiny bird is from this book. It was my first time doing chain stitch! It’s not perfect, but I’m still happy with it.

Sadly the needlebook can’t be finished until some felt I ordered arrives. 😦 I’ll post again when it does!