harry potter!

Today I thought I’d share one of the embroidery projects I’m very proud of. My friend requested a harry potter ravenclaw patch to put on a scarf she knit, as she wanted it to match the colors of her scarf perfectly. Off we went to the craft shop, and after some exceptionally careful color-matching, I walked away with some embroidery thread and promised to make one!


Yeah, that was three years ago. 😦 Oops! Either way, I finally finished the ravenclaw patch this winter, and now am just waiting until I can stitch it onto my friend’s scarf for her. I’m so happy with how it turned out, however, because this was a very ambitious embroidery project for me. I’m still very much a beginner, and that much satin stitch was somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention how tiny it is!


I simplified the design from the official store version, leaving out the braid in the crest’s border and slightly altering the edge lines especially. Most of it I worked in satin stitch, although I used long and short stitch for the white part of the banner and for the eagle’s body. I found Mary Corbet’s tutorial extremely helpful for that! I then used a fusible webbing for the appliqué, and will also reinforce that with stitching once I add it to the scarf.

I’m sure any reasonably sharp-eyed critic can spot a few mistakes, but I’m excited to see it on the scarf—I think it’ll end up looking rather fancy! 🙂


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